Tarkington High School Homecoming Court 2021 Top Row: L to R - Freshman Duke & Duchess Junior Ma'alaelu & Madison Kelly Middle Row: L to R - Junior Duke & Duchess Trace Shirley & Emily Lowe, Sophomore Duchess & Duke Olivia Cates & Cade Squier Front Row: L to R - King & Queen Candidates John Dowdell & Scout Payne, Bruce Alberta & Abbi Smith, Brylee Holmes & Riley Johnson, Katie Bortz & Dylan Hadley
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Homecoming Court 2021
We’re thrilled to announce the new app for Tarkington Independent School District! Access documents, news updates, even emergency notifications! Download the app on Android: https://bit.ly/3f5zanB or iPhone: https://apple.co/3j7N8qm.
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