Football players with students

Our littles were greeted by the bigs the morning of Aug. 25! As they arrived at school, Tarkington Early Childhood School (TECS) and Tarkington Elementary School (TES) students were happily surprised to be met by our Longhorn and Ladyhorn football players, cheer and dance team. 

"Friday mornings we arranged with high school to have the high school students do car rider duty to create spirit and unity within our school community," said TES Counselor Melanie Walters. "The students and parents loved it and were all smiles when they pulled up and saw them! We intend to do this for all home games this year."

TECS/TES Counselor Jackie Owens was excited to help get the program going. "This is our Hometown Heroes program: High school varsity teams (football, volleyball, cheerleaders and southern belles) greet our little longhorns every home game. They open their doors and lead them in to start their day!" said Owens. "Heroes are also used throughout the year as role models for our little longhorns. Coming in to give motivational speeches, help with leadership skills and also talk on subjects such as staying drug free and anti-bullying." 

TECS & TES Principal Edward Heard was proud and thankful for the people and teamwork that brought everything together. "The introduction of Spirit Fridays has brought a wonderful sense of community to Tarkington Early Childhood and Elementary School, as the football team and cheerleaders enthusiastically welcome students during arrival by assisting car riders and opening doors," said Mr. Heard. "The anticipation is high as we eagerly prepare to reciprocate the support and cheer on our Longhorns to a resounding victory! Thanks to Coach Belt and our Counselors Ms. Owens and Ms. Walters for orchestrating this experience for our students today." 

What a great way to inspire younger students as they look up to these "Hometown Heroes," and to instill in our high school students the joy of servant leadership! 

Special thanks also to Coach Tooley and Ms. Walters for these awesome photos - we appreciate you! Go Horns! 🎉

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